Tuesday, June 24, 2014

notexactlyLOST | Episode 1 Lookout Mountain

LOST by definition is the inability to find one's way. Personally, I think it is more of a LACK of desire to find one's way. It's exploring. It's never having a final destination. It's packing your bare essentials, making a series of wrong turns and seeing what you find. It's all just one big mystery anyways so why not follow suit and play along. It's fun.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Just a few reasons why getting LOST is a good thing

Last year I traveled to Costa Rica on somewhat of a solo mission.  I knew I had a friend flying in the day after me and that a few friends were already out there, but I didn't want to have too many plans or restrictions.  I spent about a week with friends in Dominical and said my goodbye's and headed back to San Jose, where I got the privilege of meeting John, Anthony and Kathryn.  HUSS!  We formed this little family and headed for a couple volcanoes and a turtle sanctuary.  John and Anthony were buddies from the PNW and Kathryn was out on her own to go to a yoga retreat.  Kathryn is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever laid eyes on.  She's not just a bombshell, but one of the most incredibly genuine human beings I've ever had the opportunity to talk with.  Before disembarking on our separate journeys, we had a little sunrise photo op on the beach.  Had I not gone with what was thrown my way, or been open enough to the idea of getting lost, this would never have happened.   DiviĆ©rtete (enjoy)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Austin is it's own kind of weird

I have never been to a more trendy city.  XGames was in Austin, TX this year and the homie was playing a couple DJ sets at the So-Gnar/Ford Fiesta booth, so I jumped in the car and rallied with him, because why not?  I had just gotten fired a couple days earlier and I just spent a little too much on a new camera, it only seemed appropriate.  Last year I shot XGames in LA on assignment for ESPN, but this year was strictly out for adventure.  We met up with our So-Gnar family and helped them set up their booth and mini skatepark for the event and went out for drinks later that night on the infamous 6th street.  We partied like college freshmen, we ate like backwood, bible-thumping hillbilly dudes named "Biscuit", and played Tinder Suicide.  Cut-off mom jeans, what the fuck???  If you don't know, go to Austin.  Since I wasn't on any assignment or schedule, I just rolled around and enjoyed my time out there.  Much respect to Pat, Griff, Big O, Big O's mom, Mitch, Phil, Red, Spicoli, Zeale, Sara, Nick, Caitlin, Guthrey, and everyone else I met who made the trip what it was.  Utmost thanks and respect to the one, the only, Furbie.  Love ya doggie!